New Investment H1 2020 - M

Metal sheet coating machine is a high-precision, automatic coating machine with vertical and horizontal blanking function, which is a suitable for primer coating or lacquering on tinplate, aluminum and other metal sheets, is one of necessary equipment for enterprises.

Technical Performance

 Coating roller and impression roller are driven by a single convertor motor;

 The rubber rollers are connected with stub shefts, which is convenient for replacement;

√ The circumference position of rubber rollers could be adjusted without stopping, adjustment range +/- 11mm;

√ The coating thickness could be also adjusted without stopping, which could adjust single side individually or both sides at one time;

√ All clutches are driven by air cylinders with simple structure and reliable operation;

√ Adopting double-scrapers to ensure that no coating on back side of sheet;

√ Pressure of scraper is adjusted by air pressure, which is easy to operate;

 Using the front and side guides for positioning with high precision blanking;

√ Synchronization between Feeder and Coater could be adjusted electrically without stopping, which efficiently shorthen the adjustment time;

 Pusher drive is coupled with electromagnetic clutch, synchronous adjustment is very convenient.    


Max Coating Speed
Max Metal Sheet Size
Min Metal Sheet Size
Metal Sheet Thickness
Rubber Roller Diameter
Impression Roller
Main Motor Power
Machine Net Weight
Machine Size (LXXWXH) 

6000 p/h
1200 x 1000 mm
680 x 480 mm
0.14 -  0.6 mm
324 - 339 mm (full coating)
329 mm (partial coating)
220 mm
200 mm
7.5 kw
6500 kg
8785 x 2340 x 1950 mm (with inspection table)
6060 x 2340 x 1950 mm (without inspection table)   

New Investment H1 2020 - Metal Decorating Oven

Technical Performance

 This equipment is used to dry tinplate after printing or coating, which compose with transportation,stuff supply device, drying, cooling, unloading and stacker. The main heater source is applicable for electricity, city gas, LPG, natural gas, coal oil and also for all variety of source such as burn coal, hot blast air furnace.

 Adopt imported PLC and inverter controller, completing shaftless driven to ensure synchronization among feeding, printing/coating, unloading, stacker and transportation.

√ With nice-style closed former-after transmission.

√ Pneumatically actuated unloading protection, transportation chain tension, sheet-metal revise.

√ Take auto stuff supply device adopt stepless activator, vaccum suction and Servo system to amortize and ensure no bruise of sheet metal when tinplate convey with high speed.

√ Fix with glide guide rail to ensure flex freely.

√ Transportation chain glide idler wheel can move placidly without lube.

 Easy-accommodate temperature of all drying area uniformly without big fluctuate.


Max Metal Sheet Size
Min Metal Sheet Size
Metal Sheet Thickness
Top Operation Temperature
Max Weight of Pile
Length of Drying Tunnel
Length of Cooling
General Capability
Overall Dimension
(L x W x H) 
Bake length 
Cooling length 
Combustion chamber 
The total installed capacity 
Dimensions (LXWXH) 

1200 x 1000mm
712 x 508mm
0.14 - 0.5mm
225 C°
100 (p/min)
2 (t)
21000 - 36000 (mm)
4663-6963 (mm)
2-3 (unit)
54-73 (kw)
(35000-52300) x 3300 x 5000 (mm)   

3 burners